Trigus Solutions managed information systems support service helps prevent IT problems before they occur; saving you time and money and also helps you with quick recovery in the event of any IT systems failure. Whether you have a one-off issue, require on-going computer maintenance or full IT outsourcing, we can help. Our dedicated team of IT specialists at Trigus Solutions has the know-how and experience to make sure your network infrastructure and end users get the support they deserve. We complement your existing services by providing onsite and remote support for a wide-range of IT demands related to workstation errors, network failures, firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware, disaster recovery, security, mobile devices – you name it.



Whether you are looking to migrate to the cloud,  consolidate data assets into active directory or implement a 100% paperless work environment, Trigus Solutions’ Technology Integration Services can help your business achieve these goals in the most cost-effective manner. Through our world class partners, we provide you the right tools, the hardware, software and expertise you need to succeed by selecting the .



Practically every brand and professional needs a web presence in this fast paced age of business. In a growing and highly competitive market like the Nigerian business sphere, a clean, Search engine friendly website is vital to one’s brand image, generating sales and supporting your business’s marketing efforts.
At Trigus Solutions, we craft professional, user-friendly websites that are optimized for both Google search and mobile use. Our experts help to ensure that that your web presence is easily accessible from any device. Further, we give our clients an edge in Google search by offering SEO-friendly web development solutions based on seamless HTML/CSS coding and a crawler-friendly content management system.Or is your business idea better suited as an app – mobile or desktop?



Your online presence is today has become a critical part of business. Used to be, a website was all that a business needed. Once it was created, you then let everyone know what the URL was and you were set. Times have changed, indeed. As a business owner, you may not have the time or specialized knowledge to do it all yourself.
Do you have an SEO person, a social media manager, someone who updates your website and someone who designs your graphics? Do you have an online market engagement plan? What about advertising? Are you doing it at all online? Do you have a company managing that for you? Who writes your website content, blog posts, email marketing newsletters and promotional copy? Is it being done professionally and in a manner that draws the right audience to your content?



Are you starting a new business or in the process of a rebranding and your current logo or graphic creatives no longer communicate what you are about? Our skilled designers will follow you through the process of creating your bespoke logos, banners, flyers and animation.
We help you engage your customers and encourage them to take action through digital marketing, branding and graphics design that is visually compelling and passes your message across effectively.



Businesses rely on Information Technology to stay competitive and nimble. At the same time, IT is under constant pressure to control costs and protect information. At Trigus Solutions, we focus on your challenges to help deliver improved business performance by addressing the IT and business agenda together through our advisory services. We help you answer questions like why go for a local server when you can reside entirely on the cloud or like the choice of open source versus licensed software in your organization.



Whether you are looking to acquire or dispose of IT equipment, Trigus Solutions’ Procurement Services can help your business achieve these goals in the most cost-effective manner. We have the experience and skills to ensure the best procurement options that meet your unique business needs. Trigus Solutions ensures you are buying the right technology at the right price, upgrading to the best available technology when the time is right and decommissioning obsolete equipment in the quickest most effective ways possible.  We offer competitive pricing, great delivery, and extensive customer support.


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